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Monday, July 18, 2011

Words of the Pure Land

I'm sorry I haven't updated this blog in quite awhile! Due to work and other activities I haven't had time to write; however, I'd still like to keep updating this blog, on a semi-regular basis. So I will be updating quotes from various writers and thinkers related to the Jodo Shinshu and Pure Land traditions. I hope you may benefit from some of these words.

"The depth of the Buddha's benevolence is such that even with birth in the realm of indolence and pride, the borderland, the city of doubt or the womb palace, which is brought about only through the compassion revealed in Amida's 19th and 20th Vows, we meet with a happiness that surpasses understanding. Thus the depth of the Buddha's benevolence is without bound. But how much more should we realize the benevolence of the Buddha with birth into the true and real fulfilled land and attainment of the enlightenment of the supreme nirvana. This is not a matter that Shoshin-bo or I have decided ourselves. Not in any way at all."

Gutoku Shinran, Kencho 7 [1255], 10th Month, 3rd Day
from Collected Works of Shinran, Vol.1, p. 527.

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