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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pure Land Quote of the Week

"The Buddha said: 'If a man or a woman single-heartedly and exclusively recites Amida's Name for one to seven days, when his or her life is about to end, Amida Buddha will come in person to welcome him or her, thus enabling the aspirant to be born in the Western Land of Utmost Bliss.' Sakyamuni Buddha continued: 'As I see this benefit, I have spoken these words."

This a quote from The Sutra on Amitayus Buddha, one of the three Pure Land sutras which are the principle sutras of the Jodo Shin School. It is also quoted in one of the writings of the Seven Masters, Shan-tao's Kannenbomon ("The Method of Contemplation on Amida"). Pure Land Buddhists, whether of the Shinshu or another school, whether in Japan or China, take these words to heart and practice chanting Amida's Name to be born in the Pure Land.

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